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The Women in Compilers and Tools Meetup Series

The LLVM Women in Compilers and Tools Meetup Series is a free virtual event held once every month, starting April 22nd 2021. It is a platform where all women (trans, non-binary, and cis) in various stages in their career, speak openly, discuss, and network with others. This series will feature talks, tutorials, mentoring events and regularly highlights individuals for their contributions to the compiler, programming languages, and tools field and offers continued discussions concluding each event.

This series is organized by The Women in Compilers and Tools (WiCT) working group. This working group is composed of volunteers in the LLVM community and supported by the LLVM Foundation. To learn more about the working group, check out this LLVM blog post!

Past Meetups

Teresa Johnson

Teresa Johnson

ThinLTO and More with Teresa
Teresa is a Senior Staff Engineer at Google and an active contributor to the LLVM open source project. She shared insights about her long standing career starting with her studies at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to contributions in the Itanium project during her time at HP, and current open source work at Google with ThinLTO, the scalable link time optimization framework. It was an engaging discussion with focuses on work-life balance and supporting underrepresented individuals in the field of compiler development.
WiCT Organizers

WiCT Organizers

WiCT Trivia Night
In this meetup, the WiCT organizers hosted a trivia game to highlight the history of LLVM, compilers & related tooling, programming languages, and much more. This was a fun opportunity to test your knowledge on dragons, overloaded terminology and what really came first… a compiler or interpreter. Folks joined this trivia challenge with a randomized team of 4-6 individuals and each team had the opportunity to win LLVM merchandise!
Cristina Cifuentes

Cristina Cifuentes

From Student of Compilation to Mother of Decompilation
This talk provided insight on the field of decompilation and it’s applications. Cristina shared the retrospective on her decompilation PhD work, the growing interest on this technology throughout the past two decades, examples of commercial uses of decompilation, and a new project that makes use of decompilation as it relates to malware. Through her academic and industry experiences, the audience learned about the rejections and accomplishments that has spanned her career and the lasting effects her work has had on the field.
Uma Srinivasan

Uma Srinivasan

From Packing Decimals With Cobol to Optimizing Tweets With Scala: A Journey Through Space, Time, & Culture with Compilers
This talk gave the audience glimpses into a 30 odd year journey in engineering, industry compilers and surrounding technologies. Through Uma’s observations and experiences, Uma highlighted the ubiquity of compiler technology as it has adapted through time and continues to evolve with the changing environment and culture. She also shared her learnings, in hopes to instill confidence and inspire women engineers in their exciting journey ahead.
Jessica Paquette

Jessica Paquette

Bringing up GlobalISel for AArch64
This talk provided a great overview of instruction selection and the exisiting functionality within LLVM with a deeper focus on GlobalISel. Jessica detailed tooling that was designed to find and understand performance and compile time gaps between the FastISel/SelectionDAG infrastructure and GlobalISel. She provided insight into how GlobalISel’s design has improved upon the performance, code size, and compile time of the previous instruction selection frameworks.
WiCT Organizers

WiCT Organizers

The WiCT Meetup Series Launch
The Bird of a Feature style talk presented by members of the WiCT Working group gave insight on the exciting details of what’s to come from the meetup series and the community group as a whole.

If you are interested in volunteering in this meetup series or would like to learn more about the WiCT working group, we encourage you to reach out to us on Discord, Discourse or email us directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

This series is intended to be a supportive opportunity for trans, non-binary, and ciswomen to interact. Though we will not require anyone to disclose information related to their identity, individuals who may not be represented are welcome to participate in other ways.

To learn more, please visit the Get Involved Page.

This series will run continuously until otherwise specified.

Possibly. Recording meetups will always be optional and specified on each event listing.


Yes! We believe this series will be interesting to all women who work in the field of compilers, programming languages, hardware, debuggers, linkers, security and analysis tools, and other related fields.

The Women in Compilers and Tools working group is a group of people who are passionate about increasing diversity, and especially women, in the field of compilers and tools, who help organize and plan events and resources. To learn more and get involved, check out the community group.

The LLVM Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports the LLVM Project and education and advancement of the field of compilers and tools. We support the LLVM community by helping it to grow, foster community interactions, work to keep LLVM development productive through infrastructure, and work to ensure the long term health of the LLVM project.

One of the mission’s of the LLVM Foundation is to increase Diversity & Inclusion within the field of compilers and tools. For more information, please visit Community.o.