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Community.o is an LLVM Foundation initiative to increase diversity and inclusion within the LLVM project and the field of compilers and tools.

Why Community.o? The name is inspired by the compilation model where object files link together for a final program, much like how folks from different backgrounds come together to make up llvm’s community and shared goal of inclusivity.

This is a new face to the LLVM Foundation’s Diversity and Inclusion and Women in Compilers and Tools program. We wanted a name to represent what this program hopes to accomplish which is to build a strong, healthy, and diverse open source community. We believe that this can only be achieved by including people from all backgrounds, genders, and experiences and by ensuring that everyone feels welcome, included, and empowered to contribute.

Our goals are as follows:

  • To increase participation from a diverse set of individuals to the LLVM Project with code contributions, leadership and volunteer positions, and speakers and attendance at our events.
  • To increase diversity of participation within the field of compilers and tools.
  • To remove barriers and create an inclusive environment for all.
  • To work with other open source organizations who share common goals.

We believe that a stronger and healthy community is created with people from different backgrounds come together. This will help ensure the long term health and success of the LLVM Project.


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