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Are you someone who believes in the magic of surprise and delight? Do you have the desire to help innovate software solutions enjoyed by people all over the world? If these questions speak to you, please take a look at exploring a career with Apple Inc.

Below are just a few of the amazing opportunities Apple currently has available. For more information and for a complete list of all our amazing opportunities please visit

Company Contact: Apple Development Technologies Recruiting

Engineering Manager, Apple Silicon GPU Compiler Backend

The Apple Silicon GPU Compiler Backend team is seeking a results-oriented engineering manager to lead a team focused on high performance GPU codegen. The team focuses on Apple Silicon for many different devices (including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and Mac), products used by over a billion customers worldwide. We work with many different organizations within Apple – platform architecture, silicon engineering, GPU device drivers, Xcode, frameworks, and developer tools. This kind of collaboration and cross-functional reach allows the team to influence processor architecture and results in delivering great performance, functionality and robustness. We are focused on improving the user experience by maximizing the execution speed of the code generated for Apple’s GPUs, while minimizing energy consumption. We are enabling new GPU architectures, graphics and GPU-compute features, and applications through innovation in compilers. At Apple, great ideas have a way of becoming great products, services, and customer experiences very quickly. Imagine what you could do here.

Apple Silicon GPU Compiler Backend Engineer

The GPU compiler team is seeking a strongly motivated engineer to work on high performance GPU compilers. Our team supports many different GPU architectures, devices (including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV), and billions of customers. We work with many different organizations within Apple – architecture, silicon engineering, drivers, frameworks, tools and Xcode. This kind of collaboration and cross functional reach allows our team to influence architecture and helps us deliver phenomenal performance, functionality and robustness for all shaders and kernels that run on Apple GPU. Our team is focused on improving our user’s experience by maximizing the execution speed of the code generated for Apple’s mobile GPUs, while minimizing energy consumption. We are enabling new GPU architectures, technologies, and applications through innovation in compilers.

GPUSW Compiler Engineer, Metal Compiler Frontend

Apple GPU Software team provide developers access to harness the power of the GPU across all of Apple’s innovative products, from iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch to Mac product line. Join this team and you’ll collaborate with engineers across Apple to develop tools and APIs to enable developers to developing cutting edge applications for graphics, machine learning, and compute.

GPU Compiler/Driver Engineer, Apple Silicon GPU Driver

This team is responsible for developing GPU drivers and compilers for Apple silicon devices, while collaborating closely with hardware teams to establish the future direction of Apple graphics and Metal. An ideal candidate has previous GPU driver or GPU compiler experience and is willing to learn about the others.

Debugger+Compiler Engineer

The Debugger Compiler Integration team at Apple is looking for an engineer to work on debug info the compiler and/or language support in the debugger. You will take a holistic look at what matters for developers, such as supporting new language features in the debugger, improving the accuracy of debug info for optimized code, or improving common debugging workflows. You will get to work closely with the the open source community on and where you will become a regular contributor.

Swift Compiler and Tools Engineer

This position offers the rare opportunity to build tools that will be used by the millions of developers writing code for Apple platforms and server-side Swift! And the opportunity to inspire changes across our developer tools. Our team’s projects include components of the Swift compiler, Swift’s SourceKit, SourceKit-LSP, SwiftSyntax, and Xcode IDE’s source languages support service.

C++ Standard Library Engineer

We’re looking for an engineer to participate in the development and maintenance of Libc++ as well as complementary changes to Clang. You will drive the implementation of new C++ features, evaluate and optimize existing components of the library, and work with teams across Apple to take advantage of these improvements. You will be an active contributor to the ( open source project and collaborate with the open source community.

LLVM Compiler Engineer

The CPU and Accelerator Compilers team at Apple is looking for an engineer to work on optimizations in the LLVM compiler. You will drive analysis of performance sensitive code, implement new optimizations, and evaluate their performance impact. You will collaborate with our partners in hardware and software organizations. You will be an active contributor to the open source project.

Swift Language Runtime Engineer

The Swift Language Runtime library provides core functionality required by all Swift programs at runtime. As a Swift Runtime Engineer, you’ll be responsible for ensuring this critical component runs efficiently on all CPU architectures and OS platforms supported by the Swift Programming Language. You’ll collaborate closely with compiler engineers to ensure that the compiler’s expectations match the runtime behavior. And you’ll do the bulk of this work directly in the Swift Open Source Project on Github.

Arm architecture is the keystone of the world’s largest compute ecosystem. Enabling our partners to build their products in efficient, affordable & secure ways.

Company Contact: Michael Richards

Staff Compiler Engineer

Arm has fuelled the smartphone revolution by creating clever compute power that fits in your pocket. Do you want to be part of the next revolution? We are looking for a skilled and enthusiastic compiler engineer to join Arm Research to implement support for experimental Arm architectures in Arm Compiler / LLVM. Previous experience working with modern open-source compiler toolchains (LLVM/gcc) is essential, as is the desire to work on cutting edge research.

Senior/ Staff Compiler Engineer

We are looking for a skilled compiler engineer who is passionate about producing quality software to join our engineering team. In this role you will help with the development of our commercial LLVM based compilers (C/C++ and Fortran), and help analyse and improve the performance of applications and benchmarks running on Arm hardware

Staff Compiler Engineer

Arm’s Machine Learning team is seeking a compiler engineer to build state of the art solutions for a variety of markets. This is a rare opportunity to join an evolving team looking to build ahead of time compilation solutions for Arm’s compute IP using the open source Apache TVM project. Additionally, you would be able to work in a vibrant open source community and make contributions to the open source Apache TVM project.

Do something wonderful. We pioneered Silicon Valley and have powered world-changing innovation ever since. Today, we’re advancing AI, autonomous transport, smart cities, and more to solve humanity’s greatest challenges.

Company Contact: Mikhail Loenko

Compiler Engineer

In this position, you will develop compiler technology as the primary job function; You will Design, develop, debug & test compiler software and programming languages e.g. advanced compiler optimizations and features specific for Intel Architectures, parallelization and vectorization through compilers, new programming languages support. May work directly with hardware design team, companies and communities developing compilers, participate in language and standard groups.

Siemens EDA, formerly Mentor, a Siemens business is growing the Embedded Sourcery Tools Group. We have openings for compiler engineers experienced in GCC and/or to work on cutting edge compiler projects targeting HPC, RISC-V and AI.

Company Contact: Catherine Moore

Senior Compiler Engineer

Member of an established compiler toolchain team responsible for delivering multi-platform toolchains to customers on multiple architectures. The candidate will be responsible for the design, implementation, and testing of compiler optimizations, library enhancements, or functional improvements according to customer specifications. Candidates will be given the opportunity to work across the toolchain spectrum including the compiler, assembler, linker, libraries, debugger, and build system.

Millions of engineers and scientists rely on MATLAB and Simulink to increase our understanding of the natural world, advance technology, and profoundly improve our standard of living.

Company Contact: Dale Martin

Compiler Engineer - all levels of experience

Reservoir Labs is a technology R&D company headquartered in NYC whose mission is to make the world safer, cleaner, more secure and more efficient through the application of radical high-performance computing technologies. Learn more at

Company Contact: Alon Agai

Compiler Developer

Research Engineer

Engineering Intern

MediaTek is the world’s 4th largest global fabless semiconductor company. Join our Boston-based team (Woburn, MA) to develop state-of-the-art software development toolchains, used for the newest MediaTek custom processors and 5G chipsets!!

Company Contact: Vince Del Vecchio


Compiler Architect

Debugger Engineering